Return of the Reel Mower

August 28, 2008 by  

Reel Mower

Didn’t you know? Reel mowers are back in, and guess what they are the greenest a lawnmower can get. Toss out those gas guzzling, electricity using lawnmowers away and grab onto your reel mower!

Why are they back? Why are they green?

  • No gas required! No electricity required! Only manpower!
  • No emissions given off to destroy the atmosphere.
  • No maintenance.
  • No Noise.
  • Easy to start. No more tugging that pull cord.
  • Can cut just as quickly as regular push mower.

Where a reel mower might not be ideal:

  • Larger lawns, most likely practical for most suburbia homes and small city lawns.
  • Areas where grass is long. Over 6 inches you start to run into trouble.

All in all switching to a reel mower will really help you become green, with little hassle. They still can cut your grass just as nice, move at the same speed as its the same person pushing it, and its safer. No more flying rocks and sticks across the lawn hitting your vehicles, windows and kids. No more maintenance, no more gas, no more oil, no more electricity. Think of all the money that you are saving. This is a good financial investment as it is a environmental investment. The question is if you have a smaller lawn, why not switch? Wasn’t the gas mower suppose to be an improvement of technology? Because it looks like reel mowers are the clear winners today.

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One Response to “Return of the Reel Mower”

  1. aiko on August 29th, 2008 12:15 am

    Woo hoo! Reel mowers today are not the old fashioned ones of olden times. Today’s reel mower has flame-hardened steel blades and electric turning ones to make mower easier and friendly for the environment. Go Green with reel mowers and lose some weight. Check out and look at the reel mower section for some choices.

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