5 Great Green Clothing Stores

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So, you’re in the mood to feel a little green, and you’re not sure where to start? Let me ask you this – do you like shopping for new clothes?

Chances are (especially you chicks) you said yes, and if that’s the case, I have a great list of five awesome stores that sell even awesome-er (yeah, new word) green and environmentally friendly clothes! You don’t have to get all neo hippy to go green, and better yet, with some of the trendy fashions that the following stores sell, you can look pretty darn good while you’re at it.

White Apricot

1. – This fabulous web outlet is definitely what they claim “a go-to place for the latest trends, news, and information on eco fashion”. Not only are they one of the trend setters in fashion, but they also update you on the latest hot news about organic skin care and other natural products. While not a direct manufacturer, is more of a mega green information portal that will always have the latest deals and not to mention – sales. With their highly qualified staff spending their days picking up on all the good stuff, this is definitely a site to bookmark if you’re getting into eco-fashion.

Green Collective

2. – Now a little something for the guys. carries an awesome line of stylish and contemporary green organic clothes. Using low impact dyes, or even vegetable based dyes, is just one little green part of the business. These guys really know how to design a product, and most of the clothing I looked through was very buyable. Prices weren’t a bargain, but more on the “fair” side. No one said going green was going to be cheap. But you know when you buy a piece of organic cotton clothing, you’re doing your small part to make this world a better place. (*cue Michael Jackson)

Happy Hippie

3. – We couldn’t pass up one of the hottest hippie outlets on the interwebs! The Happy Hippie store specializes in Handmade Hippie Clothing, Hemp Clothing, Organic Handmade Clothing, and Hippie Patchwork Clothing. If you’ve every even had the smallest inkling of being a hippie, this is the place you need to check out quick, because they also have a Hippie 101 section, which touches on current social and environmental issues that you, as a hippie (or hippie wannabe) need to be aware of. One of the coolest aspects of the site (besides the great clothes) was the “barter board”, where hippies from all over can trade their stuff….for other stuff. Radical, dude.

Rapanui Clothing

4. – So if you’re the surfer type, or if you’re just into dressing like one (poser!), then you’ve gotta check out Rapanui Clothing. Not only do they have the coolest name in the green clothing business, but they have a website jam packed with awesome green surfer and just plain awesome wear. Not only does Rapanui sell green clothing, but they go way further than that. They give the entire breakdown of everything for each article of clothing, from how it’s made to where it’s made, and with what kind of materials (double organic, bamboo, etc…). To top it off, this totally awesome green company donates 5% of profits to environmental charities. Now that’s going green if I’ve ever heard of it. Surf’s up, bro.

Green Closet

5. – Last, but certainly not least is a site we found that caters to the kids – because really, it’s all about the kids. Teach your little one to be a green hand early on in life by dressing them in the coolest, yet environmentally friendly green organic clothing. I only wish they had this kind of stuff when I was a kid, but now I can make up for my simple childhood by hooking my kid up with 100% certified organic cotton clothing from If you’re on a budget, make sure you check out the “Discount Duds” section for some sweet savings. Do it for the kids!

Hope you’ve enjoyed our selection of green outfitters. They all look like wonderful companies, with a broad range of styles for everyone – even the kids. I guess on the next search we’ll have to find green doggy clothing (yes, it’s out there).

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5 Responses to “5 Great Green Clothing Stores”

  1. Renee on August 13th, 2008 11:17 am

    Awesome suggestions. We should all strive to reduce our environmental footprint. I personally buy all my clothes used to achieve that.

  2. Greener Buyer on August 14th, 2008 4:21 pm

    Great idea Renee! Nothing wrong with that, and certainly you can save a ton of money too!

  3. Jennae @ Green Your Decor on September 4th, 2008 6:53 pm

    This is a great list of resources. I really like White Apricot’s newsletter. Another great eco clothing store is

  4. Natallia on September 12th, 2008 1:45 pm

    Organic doggy clothes? – yes, we have those in our store! (and more!)

  5. Naomi on December 29th, 2008 7:49 pm

    Also another great Canada-based company that makes really unique ‘green clothing’ with custom orders available – MahaDevi Design –

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